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I find this cool

Gboi called me up and sed Jim, Syu, and Hana is at his shop
They're gonna cruise to SHH and Stadium. He asked "Ikut?"
and I replied "Awu eeeyyyY~"
Syu bought Taillights, Headlights and 8K HID
Tomorrow will be kits, and after that will be Rims
All done right before Sunday's Gathering
Get ready to be shocked~
See us on Sunday
Happy Birthday to SCB's buddy SpeedVits/LilSmokey
from www.bruneicompacttuner.blogspot.com
Semoga bahgia selalu
Heeheehee peace bradeR!! v(",)
Suzuki Swift (SCB) and Hyundai Coupe (TBC) Club meet up at SupaSave, Beribi

Item SOLD!
Jim is selling these B$100 for both front and back

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