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This Thursday, 25th of September. 08 ofcourse~
WanganDrift has invited ALL AUTO CLUBS for a gathering at the Indoor Stadium at 0900pm
Don't miss out the fun! All clubs man~ rugi karang
Yea, I know it's too early to post. But I feel like talking about it.
Somewhere near the end of this year, Brunei Compact Tuner, plans to create the biggest car club gathering. A few clubs has agreed to it, and I won't say who (Lets make it a surprise so ssHHhh shut you gob!) SCB is one of them.

New Year Celebration, Shall SCB spend the night at Empire after NY's Party?
I would love too. Heehee
Reply on the comments thanks!

Btw, Yasmin has kirim salam all the Members. Due to unactiveness, she misses all and hope to join us again someday. We all miss you too Yas.
Gboi's plan. Sungkai at KB, Sunday 21/09/08????

Submitted by Z13
Garage sale @ z13's fren..barang2 used quality for sale

Just to inform u tht there will be a garage sale from 18 september til 21 september, time from 9am til 5pm.

No17, Jln Istana Nurul Izyah, Jerudong....or paling senang just belok kanan @ traffic light sbalah msjid jerudong n look 2 ur left side..ada 2..mcm2 brang bjual..smua ada..brg2 berquality..if sasat..pls call +6738988411(Wafi)

Source Wajihah's Facebook
Wajihah's Garage Sale at Kampong Jerudong
3 days only

I'm selling guess and carlo rino bags and wallet. All at affordable and negotiable price. Tomorrow we're holding a garage sale at Kg Jerudong for 3 days starting tomorrow (18th Sept).

Arah simpang kan masuk ke Jerudong Park (ampir sekolah Rendah Jerudong). rumah atap warna merah, if im not mistaken house number 17.

Come, we start from 10 a.m. and ull be able to have a closer look at stuffs that i upload.

Garage Sales Selling:
guitar hero rock band complete set (guitar+drum+microphone)
Poker set (NEW, balum pernah main)
Electric Drum
Original Armani Spectacle
Furnitures (IKEA items)
Electrical Items
CDs and DVDs
Someone emailed me with the Subject as Swift Club Brunei Recently.
If you are reading this, please resend it =D
Coz my itchy hands "accidently" deleted it and its not in the recycle bin
I'm sorry to inform you guys in short notice. Some of our members can't seem to make it today. Z13 & Syu has family functions so they won't be attending. As for me, I lost my mood due to that I'm working on a Sunday for tomorrow's soft opening. But I'll be there.

Sungkai still on. Park behind Fitness Zone.
Text Gboi for confirmation
Thanks v(",)

Venue - Restuarant Near Fitness Zone, Kiulap
I've been busy lately, due to a Soft Opening of my new office on Monday, 15th September 2008. An IT shop with almost anything. My work will be less most prolly when everything settles down. Keep SCB alive when I'm away people!

PCThree Technologies
Guan Electronic Mall,
2nd Floor, Wisma Hj Daud,
Spg 137, Jalan Gadong, BE4119
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Tel - 2456543 / 4
Fax - 2456545
Email - sales@pc3tech.com
This morning that my swifter friend from KB, Abil,
texted me that she had an accident.
This was around Lumut area
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