We were on the way to the mall when this happened. Me and Iqbal we almost parked when Azzrul called me saying "Kito and Amierule Accident di Pasar". When someone calls you and tell u that info, you feel worried.. so i told Iqbal and we went to pasar area to look for them.

They hit each other at a turn heading towards Pasar Gadong.

Amierulez's Swift

Kito's Swift

At the Workshop in Delima. I had take both Amierule to Serasa and Kito to Gadong back

To my SCB mates, wear your seatbelts (kalau ada helmet pakai helmet), don't speed too much, tengok kiri kanan depan belakang atas bawah if you're at a junction. Drive Safe!
SCB Boys at Hakim's Open House

Lidah kah Kek tapak kuda nie?
Don't ask me why he's like this.. beulah~
At the beach @ 0500pm
Spoil eh Iqbal, haahaa. PINK!
Org2 Kuat SCB
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