16th December
Happy Birthday Dini
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[via Cardomain]

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The next ALTERNITY A-03 will be featuring one of the most popular character from Tranformers, Mr.Bumblebee. As you can see below pictures, the final product of Alternity had taken shape and it should be reaching CH-Toynation Align Centerin the early Dec 2009. The yellow version is Bumblebee himself and the red version will be Cliff Supreme.

Monster II CF Hood with Under Tray
Items SOLD!

Tein Sport Springs (Green)
Air Cleaner with piping

Amey Deeloc

There is also an AyamKu Voucher. But we used it already =D

Happy birthday to Yasmin and congratulations... ehe gambar ani ngalih meruah blog scb ni... btw ENJOY...
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