I went around town for 2 days without a licence plate. All shops were closed for Chinese New Year. What Luck~ Lucky I didn't get caught though.
CCCT's Gala Night Party.
Theme : Masquerade (masked) or All White
Location : Polo Club, JP
Date: 31st January 2009
Time : 7pm till late.
Food provided!
Tickets: $15

Anyone interested please find Matt (Gabriel) 8985184 or screamery@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can bring your date or find one at the party lol
Today's event, we have 21 swifters in total
Merul & illness306 had to go back early tho and later on there will be Ayeh, Halim, GSam and Hazone joining us at the end of the day.
Gathered at Jerudong Park's parking lot at 0230pm
Gonna head to Kuala Belait to meet Digital Project

Gman @ Roziman
from Kiulap

Welcome to SCB
(Photo by Chantique)
This night was a total waste of time
Sorry to say, but it just pisses me off

We were invited by a Car Club (i prefer not mentioning names at the moment). Being a good sport, SCB members wanted to support this team. Members of SCB who attend was Myself, Adeq, Azzrul, Amierule, Fyz, Raimi and GBoi later on. I had to apologize to my members for troubling them coming all the way to Giant for nothing.
From my point of view; Me and my buddies were outside in the rain waiting for him since he is the only one who attended from his club. We started to soak, then he zoomed off. That's being unproffessional. He didn't even inform us where he was going. So we decided to hang out with Lancer Motoring Club but the rain pour badly, even they had to leave. But they left us a message on our cbox. That's being responsible. The Club who invited all these other clubs didn't even say a thing. You are lucky there arent alot of Big Car Club names dropping by, coz if they do.. I wouldn't be the only one who's pissed off.

I was soaking wet, my fav jacket is wet, shirt is wet, jeans is wet, my new shoes is wet, my fone and ALSO MY CAMERA! That's why there are no pictures for this post.

If I missunderstood the situation or if you have a say..
Please drop a comment at our forum "Here"
Enlighten me
This is an awesome shot by Cicie of Amierule's Car
SOAS Parking Lot
A convoy organised by Brunei Compact Tuner
When turning or changing lanes, flick the turning signal lever with your fingers. This is to show cars going out of a junction, oncoming cars and cars behind you, that you are about to perform a turn/lane change. The lever is located behind the steering wheel, it is not at the back seat or outside the car, it is right at your finger tips.

"Just move a finger on the lever, flick it upwards or downwards depending on the direction u are turning and flick it back to the center once you're done."

Isn't that easy, so don't be lazy (or do you not have fingers?). Without doing this, it could piss other drivers off coz you made a turn/lane change without notifying anybody.

Thank You for Reading =D
I would like to Greet all the Members of Swift Club Brunei, Members of our Local Car Clubs, Friends, Families and Blog Readers, a HAPPY NEW YEAR~ Happy 2oo9!
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