This logo shows swiftclub members or other car clubs that the Swifter is a member of this club.
It irritates me if an Unknown swifter uses this Logo.
My comment - "You drive around with this logo installed. Don't you get embarraced if REAL swiftclub members see you?" If it was me, I sure malu already~

I have set a new rule;
  1. Swifters that are interested to join must atleast show up ONCE in a club outing. This applies to the names on the list as well (Swifters that I haven't seen in person) If fail to comply, your name will be automatically be removed.
  2. Club logos must not be installed on your vehicle without my consent. I get members texting me that there are outsiders using them.
Best Regards,
SwiftClub Admin

Items SOLD!

Swift Clear Taillights (Black) with Rear Blue Eyelids
Selling for

Air Intake Cleaner Pipe
Selling for

Reason for Selling, Downgrade.
Contact: Azzrul
- 8966986

Item SOLD!

Swift Stock Spoiler (White)
Selling for

Aedee - 8899089

An event organised by Mr. Iqbal Valeno for us to sungkai in KB.
Chosen place was at Rock Garden Restuarant.
Selemat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin, to All Swift Club's Members, Friends, Families and blog readers.

And Happy birthday to Swifter, Dk.Amal
May today be the best of days.

Happy Birthday
Sunday, September 13, 2009
We're gonna sungkai at KB on this date organised by Iqbal Valeno
Bandar swifters will meet up at JP Parking lot at 03.30pm - 04.00pm
Then will meet up with Tutong swifters at Tutong highway
and KB swifters will be with Iqbal

Inform us who will be coming along, because we need to book seats.
Thank you

Thank you all for attending this outing.

Happy Birthday to SCB Admin, Sam @ x3r0!
Item SOLD!
Hana is selling her Rear Spoiler
Price - $80
Interested buyers please contact 8601380

Guess Who?
More updates coming soon
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