There is also an AyamKu Voucher. But we used it already =D

Happy birthday to Yasmin and congratulations... ehe gambar ani ngalih meruah blog scb ni... btw ENJOY...

Polo Shirt

Tested on Swifts, increased 6.5HP! (Bolt on)
Price: BND 260

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senyum ckit deh :)

If anyone is interested to participate, please print out this form, fill it in and send it back to Boustead (Brian or Elina). Please do so before the 14th, as they need to slot in your car for check-up before officially entering the event.

Owners must ensure their cars are road worthy. All entries can only officially be accepted after checking and inspected by Boustead Aftersales Department. This service is provided free of charge. BSB only. Participants are required to use their own vehicles for this event. Only Swift RS413, 415, 416 are entitle to enter this event.


"This event is FREE OF CHARGE" - Brian of Boustead
Registration extends to 13/11
Go and Register Now!

Boustead would like to invite all SWIFT Car owners to come and join their defensive driving activity.

Open Ground opposite Sheriton Hotel
Professional Instructor from Australia

  • WHOA
  • Slalom Exercise
  • Reversing Exercise
  • Acceleration and Braking Exercise
  • Spot the Vehicle Fault Exercise

Regristation (
Terms and Conditions Apply)
  • 6-10 November 2009 Registration at BSB only (First come first serve)
  • Please bring IC, Bluecard, Driving Licence, Vehicle Insurance Certificate for Registration
  • With minimum charges of $20 (Free Foods and Lots of Goodies)
  • Only Swift RS413, 415, 416 are allowed to join this event
Free Check-Up from Boustead at BSB workshop only
For more information call: 245 3162

Happy Birthday to GBoi...

17" 4 Bolt PCD 100
Price - $450
Contact Jim 8811032

2-DIN DVD/CD/MP3/WMA Receiver/AV Head Unit

If your car currently outfits a Double-DIN space, great news, Alpine’s premier Double-DIN AV Head Unit is the perfect solution. Check out the 6.5" Widescreen display for your viewing enjoyment. Control your menus using PulseTouch™ with a simple touch of your finger! Listen to and watch DVDs, DVD-MP3’s, CD’s, this unit does it all. With Quick Search™, it’s a breeze to find the music you want to listen to. Expand your multi-channel solution with the IVA-W202E and hear all of the music with higher fidelity, distinct locations, and beyond stereo. Equipped with Swingface™, this unit motorises and closes clean and flush when not in use. The IVA-W202E is fully enabled: Full Speed™ Connection for iPod®, 3 PreOuts, Bluetooth™ Ready and has a dedicated rear-view camera input. Alpine brings you quite possibly the best thing to happen to 2-DIN

$1100 $950 Negotiable
Used but still in good condition

Contact Person - Aqih 8814669

Happy Birthday Ceety
Greddy introduces the new Super charger to their extensive line up of high performance parts. Get more torque and power with this kit. The results of installation of this kit give you the benefit of faster acceleration out of corners at your favorite twisty courses and in stop and go traffic. The kit is fully bolt-on, no need for welding and cutting for the install of this supercharger kit.

Suzuki Swift Kit Includes
  • Eaton MP45 Supercharger
  • Intake manifold, intake tube in cast aluminum
  • Supercharger pulley and tension pulley
  • V belt and other short parts required for installation
  • e-Manage Ultimate pre-tuned for the supercharger kit
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