New Members joining us on this day; Apeesh, Dika and Daush.
Dika had another function to go to so he just put on the SwiftClub sticker.

Queing up at the beach.
Sunday 28th November
Swifter's Sunday Cruise & Hangout.
Meeting point will be at Indoor Stadium @ 0330pm

All swift owners (old & new/members&non-members) are most welcomed.
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I've been having a streak of badluck lately. First I lost my wallet, then in the same week, a van reversed into my parked car just right infront of my own eyes. He went out to check the damage and when I took out my phone he just zoomed off.
Brand : Lenso
Size : 4ps 17" - 4 x 100
Tyres : Fr - BF Goodrich 60% Rr - Goodyear 95%
Price : starting $700 (negotiable)
Reason : going back normal =)
contact no: 7124239

My sister's in Western Australia, Perth. She spotted this and sent it to my mail. Why can't we use this kind of plates in Brunei.
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Hi all,
A non-Suzuki related topic. As the title says, I dropped my wallet somewhere. It is a square black leather Mont Blanc flip wallet. I must have dropped it after buying food during lunch time which is in Manggis to Airport. If any of you heard about the wallet please call/text me (8633669). My IC, drivers license and some important things are inside.

Thanks in advance. Hope I'll get it back.

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Location:Bandar Seri Begawan,Brunei Darussalam

As you all might know, this swift has changed from blue to black. And now auto to manual conversion.
Hi all,
Esyam from Tutong is having an open house this Sunday on 26th Sept. To those swifters that are joining in please inform me as we will wait for you. After the open house, it is up to you to decide whether you want to follow us to Serasa Beach or not.

Pakaian : Casual.
If you are from BSB, meet as up at Jerudong Park lot at 2PM.
Tutong and KB can meet us up at Dewan Kemasyarakatan Tutong.

Call or text my number (8633669) if there's anything. Sorry for this post, I feel lazy to open my laptop. Thank you.
-Sam Xero

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Location:Bandar Seri Begawan,Brunei

An event organized by Aedee went successfully. It was held on 3rd Sept 2010 at Tarean Cafe @ d'Arch. I didn't attend as I had a last minute change in my duty roster. Here are the photos by Abdul Rashid Tahir and Khairi Mar.

Lil Monster
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Friday, September 3, 2010
Sungkai at Taurean Cafe d'Arch

Confirmed members are.. (31 Heads)

Monster II CF Hood with Under Tray
Will be shipped from KK

Contact 7111180
Saturday 31st July.
Live band and BBQ, GBoi's at Muara.
Night time.

Sunday 1st August.
Mandi belawat for Gboi's son at Muara.

Swifters are most welcomed.
NSRP=Non-Suzuki Related Post.
Went to check out the new 370Z Roadster at Suzuki and Nissan Agent "Boustead" since it was launched today. Freaking gorgeous!

I got an invitation card to view the Suzuki Alto 2010 Official Launch. Will take some photos and post it up here. All Suzuki owners and car enthusiasts are welcomed.

Members from the SwiftClubBrunei, Kruzers, BZOCA, S15, VAG and BPH on

Penguin Club Car Shots
LED Angle Eye Projector Black Headlamp - BND220 (Nego)
Contact - Jim 8811032

Seller says "Angel eye ring nya setampik inda marak so aku cabut lampunya"

Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift by 101s

CIDEP Strut Bars for Suzuki Swift
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