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Goodies from KLSwifter, Brunei Division Decals. Thank you fcendvsyu77 !
Captured by fcendvsyu77 KLSwifter during his visit here in Brunei.
Boustead Sdn Bhd
"Join Us And Witness The Revival Of "The Little Wonder" On 2nd Of December 2011 At 9 AM !"
17th November 2011
Since Fendy fcendvsyu77 KLSwifter is here in Brunei, might as well bring him to one of Swift Club Brunei's futsal match against AeroTel FC.
Since it's almost end of the year, I'll change this back. To be on the safe side.
Samco Sport : BLUE

A member, Syukri Rashid at Brunei Hall, London. Study well and goodluck!

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Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
to All Swift Club Members and Blog Readers
nine's performance is bringing in the Swift R Full Bodykit to Brunei. It costs around $1.2K. Contact them via facebook ( nine's performace )

[via 101's Life]
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